Lightline & Shelfline


The LightLine is a slim high quality anodized aluminum housing, containing a T1 lamp (2.8mm diameter), reflector, integrated electronics and polycarbonate lens. The whole unit is electronically and thermally balanced so that the system complexity has been removed from the OEM. This results in a highly reliable and efficient module which is a perfect fit for professional and high-end lighting applications. This innovative ‘sealed for life’ design is ready for immediate use which makes it easy to integrate into existing equipment.


  • Full length illuminated
  • Seamless connectable
  • Small size
    Length: 300, 500, 700, 900 mm
  • Low power and less heat
  • High Efficiency
  • Low input voltage
  • Long Life >50.000 hours
  • High quality professional look
  • Various mounting options
  • Colors: a wide range of color temperatures is possible

Download LightLine leaflet here



The ShelfLine is a slim size high quality anodized aluminum housing, containing a T1 lamp (4.6 mm diameter), reflector, integrated electronics and polycarbonate lens.  The highly innovative ‘sealed for life’ design is ready to install, which makes it easy to integrate (18 mm!) or mount on shelves and cabinets.


  • Small size:
    Height: 12,5 mm and width: 47 mm
    Length: 600, 900, 1200, 1800 mm
    Degrees of protection: IP40
  • Optimal light distribution:
    Special designed high scattering reflector for shelf light purposes
  • High light and color quality:
    Color rendering index Ra 80
    Color consistency on warm and cool colors
    Color consistency between different production batches
  • Full length illuminated / no dots:
    The T1 lamp is bent around the edges, which results in an end-to-end
    spot-free illumination
  • Various mounting options:
    Integrated version: ShelfLine can be integrated in the shelf
    2. Surface mounted version: ShelfLine can be tightened on the shelf
  • Low power and less heat:
    Due to the low power the light system dissipates less heat while maintaining a high light output
  • High efficiency:
    Up to 80 lumens/W with perfect color point consistency

Download ShelfLine leaflet here