Our drive

Up to the moment that mankind mastered the art to make fire, mankind lived ‘in the dark’ at night, save for moonlight. The capability to make artificial light has been a major step in our history, and has proven an indispensable enabler for our current society. Many innovations have since spawned which would not have been possible without light or fire.

Likewise, the introduction of (back)light in aircraft by means of the glass cockpit has proven an indispensable enabler for the advance of aviation, especially for night operations or degraded visual environments.

Also, light has provided safety and atmosphere in people’s homes and work places.

NDF Special Light Products BV is proud to be able to contribute to people’s health and well-being in such an imminent way.

We will continue to MAKE LIGHT, providing our customers with superior quality customized lighting solutions and contributing to the well-being of humans and striving for resource and energy efficiency.