NDF Company profile

NDF Special Light Products B.V. was founded in May 1999 by management buy-out of two former employees of Philips Lighting who started to produce custom-specified Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps for high-end LCD backlight applications in niche markets. In these past 18 years, we continued to MAKE LIGHT and innovate in both display technology and decorative lighting, which has resulted in a number of customized solutions for our customers.

To stay updated with regard to rules and regulations and everything that happens in the display and lighting industry, we are a member of various networking organizations, like SID (Society for Information Display) and NLA (Dutch Lighting Organization).

In our immediate surroundings we have an eye for social contribution; we sponsor various local initiatives and organizations and we are member of several social networks.

We focus on quality; not only in our production unit, but also in our way of working.
In August 2017 NDF was re-certified and obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification; a worldwide standard for quality!