CCFL lamps

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

The NDF Long Life Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, produced by NDF, has unique distinguishing features. These features have been obtained by a number of patented technologies. Because of these technologies, the product has the following characteristics/performance:


  • High luminance – up to 40,000 cd/cm2
  • Long useful life – based on 70% of initial light output
  • Long life span – up to 100.000 hours
  • Custom made colors – based on three band phosphors
  • Broad lamp current range (2-15 mA)
  • Patented electrode construction
  • Cold cathode – instant start
  • Stands up very well to low temperatures
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Flexible in design
  • Dimming possible

Because of the above mentioned features NDF Special Light Products B.V. concentrates on the niche market, where stringent requirements have to be met and where quality is an important issue. Within this market NDF Special Light Products B.V. exclusively supplies custom made products.


NDF Special Light Products B.V. has a wide range of color temperatures based on tri-band phosphors, which have proven themselves over a period of 15 years by now. Apart from this, there is also the possibility of obtaining custom- made colors for your specific requirements.


As far as shapes are concerned, the possibilities are almost unlimited. NDF Special Light Products B.V. has the possibility to bend the lamp in almost every requested shape without any loss of quality because of its unique production process. The customer indicates their wishes and NDF will approach the customer’s requirements as much as possible. Besides designing in the 2-dimensional field, we also have the possibility to produce lamps in the 3-dimensional field.


Every variety of lengths between 60mm and 1200 mm is possible.


NDF Special Light Products B.V. has a wide range of lamp diameters. The outer diameters may vary from 2.4 to 6.2mm. In addition to this, we also offer the possibility to adjust the inner diameter in order to achieve the correct level of brightness. For each application we calculate the perfect proportions.