NDF Special Light Products B.V. can produce a wide range of colors based on tri-band phosphors, which have proven themselves over a period of more than 15 years.
However, there is also the possibility of obtaining custom made colors to your specific requirements.
For critical applications, such as softcopy mammography, these components are used to achieve maximal color consistency.
This technique guarantees our customers a lifetime that is 3 to 5 times longer than conventional displays, without compromising on product quality.


NDF is market leader in backlights for diagnostic displays for mammography and tomography. A physician must rely on the information that he reads on the display, so in the ‘sensor to user’ decision making chain, the LCD display may never be the weakest link. NDF has the knowledge and the technology to live up to that expectation. A major breakthrough was accomplished when we expanded our LCD backlight range with ARPHOS®, an LED technology combined with remote phosphor.

Quantum Dot

A next step in the display industry is Quantum Dot technology. NDF is working on cadmium-free Quantum Dots, offering a wider color gamut and an efficient and cost effective customized backlight solution. Especially the deep red color that is achieved through Quantum Dots provides a better performance for operation displays like endoscopy.

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