Reliable partner for reliable backlights

Avionics displays need to satisfy high requirements on reliability, lifetime, and color consistency, while being exposed to demanding environmental conditions. The backlight technology installed in LCD displays plays a crucial role herein.

For more than 15 years, NDF is proud to have an excellent supplier status to major display companies for backlights with its CCFL technology, which is installed in the cockpits of ongoing aircraft projects.

ARPHOS®: the next generation LED backlights

For the short and medium term, NDF’s new and patent protected ARPHOS®-based LED backlight technology, already in production for ATC LCD displays, is currently being matured and qualified for cockpit applications. Now is the time to engage with avionics display manufacturers to discuss the benefits of integrating ARPHOS® in new display programs or the upgrade of existing programs.

Compared to RGB LED backlights and white backlights it has advantages on cost, simplicity, visual performance and and lifetime performance. Prototypes have been flight tested in 2014 in the NLR Cessna Citation in various challenging light conditions. It received 8+/10 ratings  from the NLR pilots and an EASA test pilot, and outperformed current LED LCD displays. Ongoing lifetime testing (20.000+ hours) confirms that ARPHOS® is much more color consistent than white LEDs.

Quantum Dot LED backlights for cockpits of the future

As a company dealing with vision, NDF is always looking ahead. The next generation cockpits will feature inclusion of video and map information, which increases requirements on optical performance and color saturation. Quantum Dot based backlights, using a similar principle as ARPHOS®, are the most promising longer-term technology for cockpits that provides the required increased optical performance, and is much more energy efficient.

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